Horizontal Directional Drilling & Boring

horizontal directional drillingHorizontal Directional Drilling Melbourne involves the drilling and pushing of a pilot bore along a pre-determined path which is tracked to ensure accuracy using an electronic tracker. At the same time, boring water is pumped through the rods to lubricate and cool the drill head which results in a slurry being returned to the start location.

Once the bore has reached its desired location, the pilot bore will then require to be opened to a size that will allow the pipe/pipes to be installed. This is done with the use of a back reamer which is rotated and pulled back to the machine whilst pumping more water. Once the bore has been reamed to the desired size the reamer is pushed back and the product pipe is connected and pulled through.

All Trenching & Boring Services has had extensive experience installing various types of pipes and conduit, including single and multiple Electrical and Communications Conduits, Poly and Steel Gas Mains, Poly, Copper and PVC water and sewer pipes and also stormwater.

We have worked in many areas throughout Victoria including Melbourne’s inner city, suburbs and regional areas. In recent years we have specialised in installing Electrical Conduits for the Electrical Supply Industry and have full VESI accreditation and all our staff are appropriately trained. We can provide just the directional drilling service or can also provide excavators to complete any associated trenching works.

We also provide a ‘Turnkey’ Civil Solution which means you don’t have to even touch the shovel.

All Trenching & Boring Services will save you both money and time in the short and long term. Who will you choose?