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The largest supercharging site in the nation | Home Co – Box Hill


The team at ATB Solutions was recently contracted by a commercial-based electrical business with all of the civil and underground works for a new Tesla Supercharger site.

As the largest United Energy substation in the nation, the team battled difficult weather conditions, and a high traffic centre to deliver all of the works on-time and to specification.


Key Project Stats:

  • This was the first Tesla site in Australia with 4 DC transformers and 12 superchargers making it the largest supercharging station in the country at this time.
  • The kiosk easement was ready within 2 weeks including retaining walls during difficult heavy weather conditions.
  • The total installation and site was completed and operational within the specified timeframe despite delays experienced with approval to start the project and challenging weather.




The Works:

The team worked through heavy rain periods and high heat to provide turn key solutions for all of the United Energy substation VESI works associated with the site. Throughout the two-week project, our hands on project manager worked alongside our experienced crew to design and construct tailored solutions for the project.

These included new retaining walls and concrete mounting platforms which would provide a level area for the 1500KVA Kiosk substation and 4 Tesla DC transformers.

After all trenching was complete, the crew installed electrical conduits for the mains power supply, transformer supply, transformer control and cabling for all 12 of the superchargers. The NDD truck provided support for the team and prevented delays, as the site often needed dewatering due to the elements.

The narrow design of the Tesla superchargers requires accuracy to meet minimal tolerances for each conduit to enter.

These challenges were easily overcome by experienced project manager who designed and fabricated fixed jigs to firmly frame each individual conduit into its appropriate chamber to firmly hold all conduits in place during backfill and whilst pouring concrete footings.

After the asphalt and garden were returned to their pre-existing conditions, commercial electricians completed the connection works to power the nation’s largest EV supercharging site.



The team at ATB Solutions have a knowledgeable team with a high level of problem solving and design experience. In line with VESI and AS3000 standards, our team is able to facilitate civil projects of any size.

With hands on operations and project managers with over 30 years’ experience, we are proud to continue providing turn key solutions for all of our clients’ projects.

With the number of EVs set to supersede the number of vehicles on the road over the next few years, this key site is imperative in playing a significant role in reducing carbon emissions and also providing local convenience with an impressive 12 EV charging stations for general public use.


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