“The guys should be very proud of their efforts” Jemena Fusion Magazine

From Jemena’s Fusion Magazine

Jemena is renowned for solving challenging problems so it’s no surprise that our Victorian electricity workers have successfully joined two electrical cables under Melbourne’s Western Ring Rd.

With one of Melbourne main arterial roads standing in the way of meeting increased electricity demand in Gowanbrae and Gladstone Park, the only option was to complete this works under the Western Ring Rd.

Paul Cleave, Senior Project Manager, said successful completion required the team to bore through approximately 100m of solid rock under the road using a horizontal boring machine.

‘This was not an easy task because there was a chance the boring machine would push rock up through the surface of the road. To minimise this risk, most of the boring occurred overnight and traffic management was put in place to close some of the traffic lanes,’ Paul said.

‘We also had to ensure we didn’t hit existing infrastructure including water and drainage pipes and telecommunication lines. To do that, a laser guided drilling head was used to track the position of the boring machine.’

The project required detailed planning and consultation with various stakeholders including VicRoads and local councils to ensure the work was completed safely and with minimal traffic disruption.

Paul said the Jemena Underground team the civil contactor ALL Trench & Boring, did a terrific job and their commitment and teamwork reinforced our reputation for delivering difficult tasks on time, under budget and without any safety incidents.

‘It’s not every day you can say you’ve successfully completed a major electricity project under the Western Ring Rd with no safety incidents! The guys should be very proud of their efforts.”

Well done team



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